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Dave Kush

Dave Kush has provided services in at all levels of the data science space for nearly 20 years, and has a proven ability to lead and democratize the use of data to maximize potential.

Dave has worked with organizations, particularly in education, to develop a culture of analytics, provide better strategic information, evaluate programs, create custom reporting solutions, and decrease costs.  He’s also directed survey-based and econometric research projects, statistical analysis, and has also used these skills to found and operate a successful real estate investment company.

Dave was named one of Illinois’ top 30 educators and has given presentations and trainings nationally.  He holds and MBA and MA in Research Methodology.  For MWA, Dave specializes in cloud computing, data pipelines, database administration, and business intelligence.

Tim Laba

Tim has been involved in the data science industry for the past 10 years.  After graduating from Indiana University, he began his professional career teaching high school mathematics.  As an educator he’s held progressive positions that allowed him to use his background in statistics to help improve school programming and student achievement.  His work in data science began in education by building statistical models used to measure school and program effectiveness. As a school leader, Tim’s work lead to a calculated approach for long term school programming and increased student achievement.

Tim’s success in education allowed him to transition into other industries.  He has found success in helping organizations make sound decisions driven by data. Tim has designed and managed survey-based social research projects, implemented predictive modeling, and supervised data warehousing and consolidation projects.  Co-founding Midwest Analytics and Education in 2014, Tim oversees many of the day to day operations but specializes in statistical modeling, business analytics and database integration projects.

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