How Do We Help Maximize the Use of Data?

Today’s data driven culture requires a sound philosophy and culture surrounding analytics. Data needs to be transformed into actionable insight at an ever rapidly pace, and staff needs the right training to make the best use of this knowledge.

The Problem Many Organizations Face
People get involved in business or education because they have a passion for something. They are surrounded by data, but it requires immense effort and resources to systematically organize and analyze or make use of it. This is a distraction from their mission and primary purpose, and the often leads to inefficient or ineffective data practices. Yet, converting data into business intelligence, then making use of it, has become a standard need and often is the difference between maximizing performance vs missing the mark.

Solutions We Offer
We help schools and businesses use data effectively by making custom analysis easy to access while still remaining affordable. We help organize and collect data, create analytical dashboards and train staff in their use, and ultimately help free people to focus on what really matters. We also offer consulting services around data use, organizational intelligence, and inferential statistics.

Cloud Computing
We assist organizations with developing and implementing cloud-based strategies for IT infrastructure, data storage, application development, and advanced research such as machine learning.We can help prepare data for analysis and migration to the cloud. This includes the development of automated pipelines to extract, alter, and aggregate data.
Data Warehousing
Midwest Analytics can manage and centralize your data, in a single or series of databases and data stores. We also offer design and creation of databases for business or educational purposes as well as ongoing monitoring and management of databases, users, backup, and security.
Business Intelligence
We provide online platforms for you to analyze your data visually with descriptive reports and more detailed drill-down information. These these are automatically updated, and include dashboards, emails alerts, and more. This moves your and your staff from punching numbers into spreadsheets to making decisions based on the right data.
Custom User Interfaces and Inputs
Still tracking data on pencil and paper? Labor intensive spreadsheets with limited functionality? We can develop tools to collect data and store data digitally, in order to replace cumbersome hand-data collection devices and serve live, accurate, actionable information.
Statistical Inference
We provide predictive and inferential statistical analysis for means testing, regression analysis and other special research projects. Have a question you’re trying to answer? Let us help you get to the bottom of it!
Performance Appraisal
Both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of appraising employee performance in the educational and business sector. Quantitatively, we offer tools to organizations, such as value added and other reporting dashboards. We provide consulting with regard to workflows and efficiency.
Value-added Growth Modeling
We provide this cutting-edge system for measurement and evaluation of performance, applied in both educational and business situations. VA scores measure the impact of programs and employees while controlling for noise that often interferes with clear analysis.
Educational Consulting
We provide strategic advice to schools and educational groups in the areas of curriculum, assessment, evaluation, and educational technology. We help schools identify and correct weaknesses, target students in need of support, alter and change programs.
Continuous Improvement
We provide consulting and strategic advice on all aspects of the data pipeline, from data entry through developing a culture of analytics dedicated to continuous improvement based on results. Founded by educators, Midwest Analytics offers first rate training and process development with staff to convert insight into lasting change.

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